“Connecting Systems, Bridging Disciplines”


IASTAM is established to provide an interdisciplinary platform to encourage multidimensional studies in the field of indigenous systems of medicine and to bring together scholars, scientists and experts from different faculties and fields to for their efforts for development of these systems so as to contribute towards better understanding and practice.

The mission of
IASTAM is to strive for multidisciplinary studies and research for the priority based application of the traditional wisdom, ancient knowledge and practice of traditional systems of Asian medicine.

The constitution of
IASTAM India was formulated by Pandit Shiv Sharma, Chairman of the Central Council of Indian Medicine and the stalwart of high standard in Ayurveda, in April 1980 at Pune University with assistance of Prof. R.K. Mutatkar of the Department of Medical Anthropology, Pune University.

With nearly 400 life and regular members representing various faculties
IASTAM is an important and only multidisciplinary organization in the country dedicated to the cause of Indian Systems of Medicine Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, Yoga and Tibetan Medicine. During more than three decades of its existence, organisation of several meets on specific subjects, two international conferences in Mumbai with large participation of students, scholars and experts, Iastam India has established itself as an important multi disciplinary organisation with more than 400 life members representing different faculties, Iastam is dedicated to the cause of Indian systems of medicine; Ayurveda, Siddha & Yoga and to continue to provide deliberations and dialogues that would help further the studies and researchers in this field.