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Yoga Forum Manchen Patanjali IASTAM award For Contributions to Yoga

About Yoga Forum Manchen Patanjali:-
Yoga Forum Munchene .V was founded in 1989 by Reinhard Bogle & others. It has been offering a three year ‘Yoga Teacher Course’. The students are educated and trained to teach Yoga to adult education groups. Individual pedagogical and psychological support is provided to every student for personal development. The students receive an intensive education in small groups- around 10 students- with more than 600 lessons spread over three years and supervision, when they begin to teach their own classes.
The goal of Yoga is understood to be a physical wellbeing and to provide biosocial balance. Its philosophical background is the SankhyaKarika that forms basis for Yoga together with Ayurveda and Patanjali Yoga Sutras. Yoga, Ayurveda, Sankhya and such other findings are incorporated into its curriculum. Marma Vignyan is considered vital and powerful orientation system for the biophysical and biosocial phenomenon of yoga. Yoga Forum continuously endeavours to upgrade its knowledge and applications in the light of deeper and newer understandings, both of ancient knowledge and modern biophysical information. Yoga is carefully differentiated from religion.

Its approach is based on works of Prof S. T. Krishnamacharya and B. K. S. Iyengar for Yoga. Initial learning from Prof S. N. Bhavsar for basics; Vaidya B. P. Nanal, Vd. C. G. Joshi and Dr. Narendra Bhatt for Ayurveda and Prof Dr. H. Heid for education and the founder of the system-energetic psychotherapy Dr. Heinz Strauss for biopsychosocial aspects helped Yoga Forum develop a strong foundation that continues after 21 years.
Yoga Forum Munich is allowed to give certificates by the Bavarian Ministry of Education and registered with the Goverment of Oberbayern as School of Yoga. The course is registered by the German Goverment Office of Labor and is recognized by the ‘The German Adult education Institutions’ and the Health Insurance Organizations. The Yoga Munich Forum offers supplementary courses to train yoga teachers in addition to the government continuing education program for school teachers.

Being closely associated with IASTAM activities and encouraged by its collaborators Yoga Forum Munchen decided to offer an Award in the memory of Patanjali, author of YogaSutra to encourage interdisciplinary activities and research on Yoga

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